UPMAP with Gabro Racing maps for APRILIA BIKES

Easily flash your Aprilia ECU using the smartphone is great!

This is a Bluetooth Android or iOS smartphone app based on a Plug-and-Play hardware, named T800+, able to flash your Aprilia bike!

It’s a very practical, safe and easy tool for ECU tuning, always in your pocket.

This tool took the whole ECU-reflash stuff to a next level: it is totally user friendly and anybody can use it just from the phone. No more shipping ECU’s around, no more tablets back from the 90’s needing a laptop to work.
And you have all my custom engine calibration & tuning available in the database, 15 years of my life dedicated to make any Aprilia bike faster and a pleasure to ride!

Using this tool you’ll be able to flash my custom performance maps in minutes, and restore your bike stock map anytime if needed.
You can get the maps from the App, store in your phone all the tuned maps you want and flash any particular one in your bike ECU even during a fast ride stop.

After each flash the tool automatically performs throttle and handle learnings: the use of any additional diag tool or dealer work is not needed.

Purchasing the Aprilia UpMap you will get access to the whole huge database of tuned maps made by the Aprilia ECU’s master tuner Gabro in his last 15+ years activity.

All available maps in the App have been accurately prepped on the dyno and fine-tuned on track/street using complete data logging systems, and extensively tested prior to being released.

For some models and applications are also available some special maps, named “TRACK”, made for exclusive track and race use. They offer different traction control settings and calibration, tuned for experienced riders using grippy tyres in a controlled environment.

Two maps are always included in the price:
– stock map for ECU restore
– one Gabro Racing custom tune of your choice, matching your bike mods

Use the coupon code GRTMAP to download your free Gabro Racing map.

Race-based maps allow the use of de-katted exhausts, and allow removal of homologation stuff like lambda probes, PAIR system, fuel canister. While no-Race maps made for stock or katalized aftermaket exhausts keeps all the homologation stuff active.

For 2021+ (euro5) bikes the UpMap has an errors readout/erase page in the App as well as a live-data function. That will allow you to perform some in house diagnostics and check/reset dash error light.

UpMap Aprilia is available for:
– ’09-’20 RSV4 & TuonoV4
– ’21+ RS 660 and Tuono 660 (including ’22 Tuono 660 Factory)
– ’21+ RSV4 & TuonoV4
– ’17-’20 Dorsoduro and Shiver 900
– ’22+ Tuareg 660

All models supported have a full map catalogue, covering the most mods and tunes available in the market! All available maps can be checked here, they are more than 200 already:

Moreover, Upmap can make full power any factory detuned bike: 78Kw for big ones, or 35Kw A2 license lamb bikes for the 660. It’s easy for you to arrive at the race track, flash your bike with a full power map and have fun, then by the of the day restore back the std map and legally return home!

You can download the user manual HERE

The main world distributor of the Aprilia-Upmap is www.aspecialparts.com, but there are many other local reseller in US, UK, Germany, Japan, France, South Africa, etc.

Just be sure you get a T800 with my GRT paw sticker on the box and the Aprilia Special Parts label on the tool, are the only ones capable to work with Aprilia bikes!

So what are you waiting for? Put Gabro’s paw in your bike ECU!

It is a race product to be used in closed circuits, not intended for street use.
Your vehicle official warranty may be effected by the use of this tool.
The tool can only be paired to ONE bike and can’t be reset.

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