Tuning parts that really work out of the box

Integrated solutions: becouse a fast bike comes from many parts working together in order to build top performances.
All my kits here are designed as integrated and modular performance packages, in order to harmonize every component with each other.

ECU reflash solution for:
’09-’20 RSV4 & TuonoV4
’21+ RSV4 & TuonoV4
’21+ RS & Tuono 660
’17-’20 Dorsoduro & Shiver 900
’22+ Tuareg 660

Improving both torque and power of the 660 platform bikes, even on stock exhaust.

The ultimate mod for any ’11-’20 and ’21+ TuonoV4, even with stock exhaust.

Rearset brackets with adjustable swingarm pivot position: a game-changing part to improve bike cornering performances altering chain-pull.

This Race Airbox kit gives 20% more volume downstream the filter, +2-3hp on the whole power plot and 40% weight reduction compared to stock.

Race intake stacks kit that applies to any 2017 onward RSV4, both 1000 and 1100cc, RR/RF or Factory models
It’s a real plug&play power add-on.

True Ram-Air performance duct for RS660.
Includes a lightweight aluminium front fairing support.