TuonoV4 Stage3 AIRBOX KIT

More air in equals more power out of your TuonoV4!

This airbox kit is based on the RSV4 RR/RF airbox, modified to fit any model year TuonoV4.

I made a new custom flat top lid, with no RSV4 upper injector bosses, and studied the new airbox design application to TuonoV4 using proper length intake stacks. A pair of mid-size length stacks is used only at the front cylinder bank.
The resulting airbox kit is bigger, better shaped, seals better than the Tuono stock one and the air filter is better placed and with a bigger surface.

Results are a very good top end power gain combined with more low and midrange torque with no dips at all; there is no downside at all!

In order to empathize it’s spectacular performances, I’ve prepped ECU maps/tunes for all 4 generations of TuonoV4: 1000cc, 1100 ’15-’16, 1100cc from β€˜17 to ’20 and β€˜21+ euro5 models, available for stock exhaust or the most popular slip-on and full exhaust systems.

Included with the kit there is a one-time-use promo discount card that allows one free download for a mated “AIRBOX” ECU map from the UpMap map store (you will need a previously purchased T800+ tool to use it). Have a read here about this flashing tool we support.

The airbox kit comes pre-assembled and fitted with a PM147S Sprint Air filter that gives a nice improvement in air flow and guarantees a good level of motor protection.

Finally, the blue lid is gorgeous! Too bad it will be hidden by the tank!

ATTENTION: this is a race product to be used only on closed circuits, both airbox kit and UpMap mapping are not intended for street use.

You can download the installation manual HERE.

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